ESP8266 based power meter – motivation

Having a energy saving mindset, i’m always striving to save a dime and do my contribution in order to avoid waste. That said, it’s crucial to know where we’re spending energy. Goal here is to do a project log of a ESP8266 based power/energy meter.

All started when i found out about emonCMS and i wanted to give it a go on a budget. So, i hooked up my 1st gen Raspberry Pi Model B (it’s a war machine – pics will be self explanatory) to a ATTiny85 to do the ADC stuff. Power consumption is sensed via a 30A clamp freely available in the usual chinese suppliers that will output a sine wave up to 1V depending on the load. So, it was just a matter to offset my wave (since ADC won’t love negative signals and 1V sine wave will mean 1V around 0V, or, -1V to 1V).

This was the goal:

Pretty graphs from EmonCMS project
Pretty graphs from EmonCMS project

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